A Step-by-step Guide to Submit Your Music to Blogs

Social media has been a boon to artists, especially musicians. Social media stars are doing world tours today after becoming elite stars.  Featuring on such platforms could make you a popular figure. Still, to make the music industry recognize you as a talented artist, you must feature in popular and well-acclaimed music blogs like A&R factory, High Clouds, Indie shuffle, etc.

Music bloggers review new artists and well-established artists and write about them and their work and feature them on their blogs, introducing them to the readers and critics. Featuring on a blog is a matter of honor for the artists. It opens up new doors for them, which is why you need to find a way to submit your music to the blogs and get their attention.

Steps to Submit your Music to Blogs

Anyone can submit music to blogs, and they receive thousands of applications and submissions every week. Your aim should be to stand out and make them interested in your music. Most artists go wrong when they do not look into submission until they have finished their music. That shouldn’t be the case. It would help if you started your research soon after you got the submission idea. If you can afford it, then avail the help of a PR team and music submission services to get featured. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting your submission featured on music blogs.

Find the Related Blogs

Do your Research or list your favorite music blogs that feature music similar to yours. Similar genre content might have more specific traffic and more probable listeners.

Follow the write-ups and writers

Read the blog articles regularly, find similar musicians to your genre, and identify the writers. Follow them on their handles and learn more about their writings, writing style, and taste in music, and do interact with them over social media if possible. Create a rapport with them. So that when you are ready to submit, they might consider you.

Send Only the finished product

These are elite music blogs we are talking about, do not waste your time by sending them unfinished work and asking for their opinions. This practice could make you look annoying. Therefore, talk about your music and submission only when you have the complete piece ready.

Write a Correspondence

Along with your music file, write a professional E-mail in crisp and simple language about why you want to get featured, how much you have admired their works, and why you have chosen their blog is vital. Keep things direct, and do not try to butter them with fake appreciations. However, genuine interest in their work and style mentions could make your mail stand out.


You cannot rely on one blog to feature you. Try the same techniques with multiple blogs and write them all personalized and exclusive emails, do not copy-paste. One of the other blogs might find you talented and feature you soon.


Submitting and featuring in music blogs is a matter of pride and honor. There is nothing wrong with trying hard to get a review of your work. Be sure to get the review done, either before the release of your album or within one month of the release. Choose the blogs, follow your favorite writers, and get featured. Else, you can skip all these steps and find a music submission service.