Insurance Company Schemes To Deny Payment To Injured Accident Victims

There are several dishonest tactics utilized by insurance companies to minimize and avoid payment of these claims, and an injured party should be extremely careful in any dealings they have with the accident liability insurance company. Insurance adjusters are trained to “take control of the case” and “gain the trust” of the injured victim, and having done so then utilize various tactics to lull the person who is disabled and/or hurting, into doing things they would not ordinarily do in taking care of their injury, and then find out later that they were deceived by the insurance adjuster to create pretexts for denial of the claim.

One example of the common devices or schemes insurance companies use to minimize and deny payment to an injured victim is through the utilization of so-called computer analysis of the claim. They will tell a person that their claim has been analyzed by the computer and the computer has generated the settlement value of the claim. This lends an air of authenticity to the offer, when in fact this is perhaps the most dishonest tactic utilized by the insurance industry to gain profits they do not deserve at the expense of injured people.

The computer is programmed to create results favorable to the insurance company and the computer is nothing more than a fraud used by insurers to keep from paying what they owe to the injured victims! The companies which produce these computer programs cater to the insurance companies and make money by selling the computer “analysis” program to the insurance company. It is obvious that a computer program designed to lower settlement values is very helpful to the insurance company.

An initial consultation with a personal injury attorney should always be free and cost nothing to the injured accident victim. The earlier someone seeks legal advice the less chance there is for the insurance company to be successful in their deceptions. It is impossible to count the number of times an injured auto accident victim, after having their claim denied, or having received a clearly unfair settlement offer, then complains that they do not understand how the adjuster whom they “trusted” had in fact deceived and betrayed them.

Since consulting with a personal injury lawyer is, or should be, free, any person injured in a pedestrian, bike, motorcycle car, truck, or boat accident should immediately consult a lawyer to protect them from the insurance company.

The first thing an injured accident victim should demand to know from the adjuster assigned to their case, is whether or not the insurance company uses, or may use, a computer software program to analyze their injury case. If you are told that a computer software program is used, even if it is only a so-called “tool”, as supposedly only part of the evaluation process, you should immediately contact an experienced personal injury attorney for a free consultation. If the adjuster claims to not know, or refuses to tell you, that a computer program is going to be used, this is a deception, and you should assume the insurance company is preparing to cheat you with one of these “rigged” computer programs. Without exception, the computer programs are always designed to cheat the injured person, and keep money for the benefit of the insurance company. You should never deal directly with any insurance company who uses so-called computer injury analysis unless you do not care if the insurance company keeps for itself the money it owes you!