Key Equipment for Creating ASMR Videos

ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, is a new class of videos in which we hear whispers, tapping, and crinkling. This does feel fulfilled and a lot calmer since it generates the stimulants and “tingles” down the spine that many people mention. 

ASMR has turned into a significant trend on social streaming and media platforms, enticing many content creators to just whisper while doing a given profession or doing something seemingly mundane, and it draws many viewers. Because you’re reading this, I’m guessing the creator in you wants to make such material and plunge into this trend. Don’t worry, this post will help you in selecting the appropriate equipment you’ll need to create ASMR videos.

  • Whisper Capturer: 

A microphone is a basis for generating satisfying ASMR videos; without it, the video would be average; thus, while selecting the ideal microphone, you should pick for one with high sensitivity currently depending on your budget.

 Mics as simple as a USB microphone that can be plugged directly into your computer can be used, as can XLR Microphones, which are more professional in recording than USB microphones, or Binaural Microphones, which can simulate a person’s left and right ear respectively, with prices ranging up to thirty thousand.

If you choose an XLR microphone, an audio interface, also known as a sound card, is essential since they are linked with a three-pronged chord that cannot be directly connected to a computer. This allows you to change the volume and gain level of your microphone for greater audio quality.

A pop filter is a small detail that many new video creators overlook, and it negatively affects their audio quality. A pop filter will help you avoid unpleasant noises while recording audio, as these filters block plosives, which are harsh sounds generated when we speak into the microphone, so this filter creates a barrier that blocks the plosives.

  • Gratifying visuals:

 With a quality camera, your viewers will tune into the pleasing content of your ASMR video. The best camera for ASMR is a high-resolution lens that gives crystal clear focusing on your topic. If you have a high-end smartphone with cinematic video recording quality, it will be incredibly convenient and portable, and if your setup is constrained inside a place and not moveable, a movable smartphone with superb camera quality may be your best alternative. 

Mirrorless cameras with adjustable displays are always more useful than DSLRs if you do not want to connect to an external display and want to keep your setup as simple as possible. An action camera with 4k recording can also be considered the best camera for ASMR due to its high frame rate recording and more stabilised video quality, making your content mesmerising to watch.

  • Uninterrupted and ringed:

 To keep your films stable and illuminated, use a tripod and a ring light. A gorilla pod and an inexpensive led ring lamp with a white diffuser will scatter and soften the video quality by scattering light and focusing on your subject, respectively.

  • Impactful processor: 

You will need a high RAM and quality personal computer, as well as an acceptable GPU to handle all the graphic needs and make your changes flawless. For optimum results, aim for a minimum of 16 GB of RAM performance and a 4GB of GPU performance.

Various audio editing and video editing tools demand a significant amount of memory and processing power, therefore if your file is of a greater size to edit, a laptop with poor specs may struggle to edit, increasing the time consumption.

Above all, the most important tool for making your ASMR videos stand out is your mind, and your limitless imagination, so be creative and start recording to stand out!