Lower My Golf Score Tips Used To Rebuild My Game

With a little effort, you can repair and rebuild your game. The following tips are simple, but will require time and effort on your part if you want to realize a more competitive golf score.

These tips may seem basic but that is the secret. Get good at the basics.

First off, you want to be physically in golf shape. What does this mean? You may not want to head out and enroll in a golf fitness training program, but you need to be flexible. Add some stretching exercises to your daily routine. The more flexible, you are the more fluid your swing will be. Improve your balance by standing on one leg for about 30 seconds at a time.

Get your mental game in tune. Visualize yourself totally relaxed and making that difficult shot you may have in front of you. Picture it all the way through. Mentally do not be too hard on yourself. The more relaxed you are, the more open your mind is to what you have to do.

Be consistent in the basics. Use this one grip all the time. Holding your club with your fingers and not your palm is the proper start to setting your grip. Your upper hand is the one that holds the club; the other hand just goes along for the ride. Using your last three fingers, grasp the club lightly at the top. At this point, no one should be able to pull the club from your hand. You don’t need a stranglehold on the club, just a light grip.

Proper stance and addressing of the ball should be the same every time. Keep your knees slightly bent. Bend forward a little at the waist. Your head and chin should be up to allow proper takeaway. Take a nice slow back-swing. As a rule, if your back-swing is slow and controlled, the club-face will almost always return to the same location you started with.

Here are a couple of tips outside of the basics to help with other common problems.

Curing a slice can be fixed by twisting your back hip rearward at address. This helps by setting you up in a position to take the club away to the inside. An inside out swing is what you want to fix that slice.

Problems with chipping will be helped by keeping your hands in front of the club face. Taking a shallow swing with no wrist breaks should be used for a pitch and run scenario. Try opening your club-face at address to get the ball to bite on the green.

Putting difficulties can be aided by simply using a relaxed technique and smooth follow through. Try focusing on a smaller target around the cup, like a leaf or blade of grass, to increase your aiming success.

These basic ideas when practiced regularly really benefited me in my ability to bring my game to the next level.